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Look good with a zest for life

Begin training in my Holistic Strength and Body Conditioning Program and you can achieve it!

A unique and lasting approach to fitness

Say goodbye to slogging it out in the gym. This is a motivational and knowledgeable approach to get you in peak physical shape using your own bodyweight and isometrics. You'll enjoy the experience and feel stronger, toned and revitalised. I'm currently taking on clients for personal training in Queen's Park, Ladbroke Grove, Maida Vale and all over London.


Each person has different physical requirements from a training schedule, taking into account their occupation and lifestyle. Exercises improve strength and flexibility, these may include resistance exercises, stretching, mind and body awareness and it's relationship to movement.


I am a YMCA Qualified Fitness Instructor with a wealth of experience gained from over 30 Years involvement in fitness and well being. I have trained clients from Australia, Japan, Europe, The Middle East and the UK. My own back ground in exercise started as a junior swimmer and martial arts enthusiast as a young boy. I got into natural bodyweight exercise, coupled with isometrics as a teenager and this has become the bedrock of my own training. The combination of these disciplines works well to give you a lasting and fulfilling health and fitness programme.

What they say

Mark and I have been training together for circa 6 months and I am delighted with the results.

Mark is highly trust worthy, knowledgeable about training advice, and very reliable.

We have a varied approach to each training session, to factor-in energy levels, fitness progression and overall wellbeing.

S Nightingale, London